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4.2. Out of Office

Out of Office message is an automatic reply which is sent from your account when you receive a message.

If you plan to go on holiday, you may want to let your business partners and customers know that you are away. To do so, you can configure an out of office message.

1. Click your name in Kerio Connect client and select 'out of office'.

2. In section Out of Office , check option Send "Out of Office" messages.

3. Write your message.

4. You can specify a time period when this automatic reply will be sent.

5. Save the settings.

Kerio Connect sends the out of office message to each sender only once.


Before enabling the Out of office rule, it is recommended to enable also the Spam rule to make sure that automatic replies are not sent to spammers. If the Spam rule is not enabled, your address will be exposed to spammers who try to send their spam messages to randomly generated addresses and later use those addresses from which they get an answer (so that they are sure the address exists and start to send even larger volumes of spam messages to it).

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