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3.1. Import EML to Windows Live Mail

See the given steps to understand how to import eml files into windows live mail. The given instructions clearly explains the complete process to import and find location of Window Live Mail Store. So, don't worry if you have to import EML into Windows Live mail. As well as you can find out "Where does Windows Live Mail store messages" and "Where does Windows Live Mail store contacts". Here you can find solution for both.

See the Simple Steps to Import EML:

  1. Open the Window Live Mail client on your system.
  2. Go to File > Click on Import Messages > Click on Windows Live Mail
  3. Click on Browse button. See the emails. Click on Next button.
  4. Either select all folders or a specific folder and then click on Next.
  5. Folder will start exporting. Click on Finish.


Find Out Your Windows Live Mail Store:

  1. Open Windows Live Mail, Select Tool > select Options.
  2. In Option Window, click on Advanced Tab and then click on Maintenance button.

  3. In the Maintenane Window, Click on the Store Folder.

  4. Now you can see the Store Location.

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