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5.3. The database could not be rebuilt (error)

Solution for this error:


    1. Make sure you are upgraded to Service Pack 2 (SP2) 14.2.1 - 14.2.2 (you can confirm this by opening Word and looking under about Word)
    2. Create a new blank Identity and remove the database (drag to trash)
    3. Quit Outlook.
    4. COPY these Data Records folders from the old Identity to the new blank Identity replacing the new identity folders. Do NOT replace the root Data Records folder. Only the sub-folders listed here.
      • Contacts
      • Events
      • Categories (not folders)
      • Mail Accounts
      • Message Attachments
      • Message Sources
      • Messages
      • Note
      • Signatures
      • Signature Attachments
    5. Select to rebuild the new Identity in database utility; ignore any message that tells you that you need to rebuild your database while the database utility is working.
    6. Open Outlook and your data should be back.

Most resources neglect to tell you to drag the new identity database to trash before you copy over the old identity records.  Also, they may tell you to copy over the old identity folders records instead of the categories records, but don't as that is likely to cause a problem; it did for me.

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