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1.1. iVMS-4500 Configuration

iVMS-4500 Configuration

1. Download the iVMS-4500 App from either the App Store or Google play on your Apple or Android device. 

2. Once the app has been downloaded open it. You will be greeted with a page similar to the one in the image below. Simply tap on the white circle on the left hand side to reveal the applications menu. 

3. Click on the devices menu.

4. Tap the Plus button on the top righthand side and then select the Manual Adding option.

5. Using the connection details provided to you by one of our technical team, please fill out the device details in the order shown. Once these have been entered simply click on the floppy disk image on the top right to save and apply the settings.  

            NOTE: Please ensure that Register Mode is set to Ip/Domain

6. Click Start Live View at the bottom of the screen to start the connection.



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