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6.3. The System Profiler

The information that the Apple System Profiler provides can be invaluable when trying to reproduce a particular problem. You should always include an Apple System Profiler report when submitting a bug report. Many times, software and hardware problems are specific to an exact configuration. The Apple System Profiler is the best way to get detailed information about the configuration you are testing with.

Opening the System Profiler

Open the Apple menu and choose About This Mac; it brings up the About This Mac box, as shown in Figure 1.


Figure 1:About This Mac Box

Click the More Info button. This brings up the System Profiler as shown in Figure 2.


Figure 2: System Profiler Window

Viewing different sets of Apple System Profiler information

The disclosure triangles will hide or show information related to the label of the triangle. Clicking on the triangle expands or collapses the information it contains.

Creating and saving a report

  1. From the View menu, select Mini Profile, Basic Profile or Full Profile. If you've been asked for a system profile from a Central IT technician, then you need to send them a basic profile.
  2. From the File menu, choose Save. 
    The system generates a report based on your selection. Note that a full report can run hundreds of pages, depending on your configuration.

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