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3.7. Setting up a Calendar

This is how to setup a CalDAV account on the iPhone. This will enable you to access any shared or public calendar on the iPhone with (if you have been granted them) read and write privileges.

Note, using CALDAV is different from simply subscribing to a calendar which only enables read access. This is setup differently and these instructions do not apply.


Add a new account on the iPhone;
Settings > Mail > Contacts, Calendars > Other > CalDav account
Add your Server name, Username and Password.

Important: Remember to add ':82' to the end of the server name. Also make sure that you use your full email address for the username.

This should produce a failure message, select continue.

Go to Advanced Settings.
The Port and Account URL need to be adjusted. You need to know which ports your Kerio MailServer is using for HTTP(S), this can be checked within the Kerio Administration console under Services.

Change the HTTP port to match your Kerio MailServer (80 is default) This is port 82 in our case.
Change the HTTPS port to match your Kerio MailServer (443 is default) This is port 4433 in our case.

You will need to change the account URL as follows;
For these examples I have used the account 'joe@domain.com
with a server address of 'mail.domain.com'
A calendar is shared by 'tom@domain.com'
A resource called 'room101@domain.com'

For your own calendar;

For a shared calendar;

For a resource calendar;

For a Public calendar;

It's likely that the iPhone has already made contact with the server and entered most of the relevant information in the URL section. This means you'll only need to edit the last section of the URL, adjusting it to suit your needs.

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