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2.8. Outlook 2011 and 2016 IMAP Setup

Set up Outlook

If you haven't already set up your email account, you're prompted to set it up when you first open outlook.

Click on outlook at the top then preferences.

now click on accounts . 

When you are in accounts click on the Plus symbol at the bottom right of screen.

Now click on new account

Add the email address of your email account then click continue

Now pick the account type IMAP/POP or IMAP if its a drop down box

Now you will need to fill in the setting for the IMAP server as it shows on this screenshot

So the Incoming server and the Outgoing server should say mail.kep.co.uk and tick Use SSL Connection (Recommended) on both

now click add account

You will see a Certificate warning come up on the screen click on show certificate and then click continue it will ask you for your local password to your machine
when you have done this you will have you email setup and ready to use.

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