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18.3. Setting up a New Site Connection (Secure)

These instructions explain how to setup a new securely encrypted site connection using the popular FTP client FileZilla.

Launch Filezilla on your Mac or Windows machine.

Now open the site manager by clicking on the icon located in the top left-hand side of the main window.

When you have opened this, you will see another window where you can create and manage your FTP sites.

Click on the 'New Site' button located in the bottom left of the window.

Provide a site name and then complete the fields on the right.

Host = The IP address or host name provided by your IT administrator. This will look like or

Protocol = FTP – File Transfer Protocol

Encryption = Require implicit FTP over TLS

Logon Type = Normal

User: Provided by your client or IT administrator

Password: Provided by your client or IT administrator

Once completed, click on connect. The site information will be saved and a connection will be initiated.

An Unknown certificate window will appear. It's unknown because your computer has only just been introduced to it. The certificate provides information as to the session security details, the common name of the registered address and the certificate issuer. Once you are satisfied, check the two boxes at the bottom of the window for 'always trust certificate in future sessions' and 'trust this certificate on the listed alternative hostnames'. Click 'ok'.

The connection is now established. Typically the FTP server folders are located on the right side of the window and your local files are located on the left. You can drag files between the two locations in both directions.

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