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18.4. Import Site Settings

This article explains how to import pre-configured site settings. The settings will be bundled within a single XML file and contains all of the connection details required to access an FTP site.

These instructions are identical for both Mac and PC.

(1) From within FileZilla, go to the File Menu, go to import and locate the settings file. Then click on the 'open' button.

(2) The Import settings dialog box will appear, leave the Site Manager Entries box checked and click on the 'ok' button.

(3) A status box should then appear stating that the import has been successful.

(4) You can access the newly imported site by going to the File Menu and then Site Manager. If you would like to rename the site, this can be easily done by selecting the site from within the sites list on the left, and then clicking on the rename button from the bottom of the window.

(5) All of the settings are saved so you may now connect to the site.

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