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4.3. Managing your online disk space and messages


If you receive messages with large attachments or have a lot of contacts, you may soon use up the quotas assigned for your account.

You should receive a message from the mail server warning you that more than 90% of your email storage space has been used. If you have exceeded 100% of your email storage space, your computer will no longer receive messages. You should also receive another message from the server stating 'User quota exceeded.' There's no need to panic as the server is still receiving your messages and will store them for up to five days, but will no longer deliver the messages to your computer until the email quota has been reduced.

This article focuses on how to manage your online disk space and message count using the online webmail service.

How to display your online account quotas

First you must login to the Kerio Connect Webmail service. If you don't know how to do this then please click here.

If you wish to see how much space you use:

1. Click on your name in Kerio Connect client and select Settings.

2. Go to section My Quota.

3. There you can see how much space your account occupies, how many items you have and what your limitations are.

What to do when the quota is used up

If you reach any of the limits set for your account, you will not be able to receive new messages.

Once you reach 90% of a quota, a warning message will be displayed in the top bar of Kerio Connect client.

To solve this problem, we recommend the following:

-  delete messages in folders Sent  and Trash  (unless you need them)

-  delete any other messages you do not need (especially with large attachments)

-  ask your administrator to turn on automatic items clean-out (which will automatically delete old messages and messages from Trash )

-  ask your administrator to add some space for your account


Remember to remove the messages from the 'Deleted Items' once you have finished deleting your messages.

Don't forget to check the Quota page once you've finished to see the final results.

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