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2.14. Delay when sending email


Some users may experience a delay when sending emails using the Central IT servers. This can affect anyone that is using a POP or IMAP account and has selected Central IT or their own domain which is hosted by Central IT as their default SMTP server.

Why this can happen

When a computer connects to our server, it is supposed to politely wait for the SMTP greeting - our server says that it is ready to talk. This setting deliberately delays that greeting for up to 30 seconds. If the other server attempts to start talking before then, it is just disconnected. Spammer's software usually doesn't want to waste that much time waiting around, but even if it does, you at least have cut down on how much work they can get done in a day. If every server did this, spammers would be significantly hampered (assuming they were willing to wait).

To summarise: In an effort to deter our server from SPAM abuse our server is deliberately setup to delay any incoming connections up to a period of 30 seconds.

'I know it's only 30 seconds, but it's extremely irritating!'

If you wish to use our servers to send email but find the delay too annoying we can add an exception to our server so that it won't delay messages sent from within your company. To set this up, please contact Central IT. We will require your static permanent IP address assigned to your company by your internet service provider.

Please note that this exception can only be setup for your company premises. We cannot provide this service for home users.

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