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11.1. How to run a full backup


This article describes how to run a full backup from an existing script using the 'Recycle Media Set' action. It is assumed that the most recent weekly or monthly backup failed and you now need to manually rerun the script. This article only applies to Retrospect versions 8 and 9.

Running a manual full backup

1. Before you can run a recently missed full backup, you need to know which script and media you are supposed to be working with. To identify the correct script and media, go to 'Activities' in the left side bar and then select 'Past' from the search criteria. Locate the date of the last full backup or current backup week.

In the example above, our current backup week is WK04 and can be clearly seen from the Destination column.

2. Now click on 'Scripts' from the left side bar. Select the appropriate script and click on 'Run'.

Tip: If you're unsure which script to choose, then go back to 'Activities', select the date of your missed backup and click on the 'Log' button. The first line will read 'Normal backup using <name of script>.

Our example above is pretty straightforward as the script is clearly named WK0204 and it's WK04 which we want to run.

3. Select the appropriate backup media set which in our example is WK04 and then select 'Recycle Media Set' from the 'Media Action' tab at the bottom of the window.

4. Ensure that the correct media is attached to your server.

5. Click on the 'Backup' Button.

6. You can monitor the progress of the backup by going back to 'Activities' and click on 'Running.'

If you see the a flashing tape/cartridge symbol next to 'Activities' in the side bar, then you must insert the correct media before the backup will continue.

This type of backup might take several hours to complete.

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