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6.2. How to verify that the remote host software is running

For customers that have a support plan with CIT (UK), a software product is pre-installed and permanently runs in the background to enable our technicians to connect to your computer when required.

You can verify that the remote host software is running by going up to the menu bar items. There should be a small black or blue icon with arrows pointing in opposite directions as shown below.

This is our Teamviewer remote host software icon.

Note: If you cannot see the icon then you will need to start the application - How to launch Teamviewer Host.

STEP 1: To verify that your computer is connected to the internet, click on remote support icon and select 'Show Status Dialog'.

The menu bar items. Yours make look a little different to this.

A dialog box should open and you should see a green light with a 'Ready to connect' message towards the bottom of the window.

If you see a red light then you are not connected to the internet or the service isn't working properly. If this is the case then please contact CIT (UK) on 01530 272727.

STEP 2: Please supply our technician with the 9 or 10 digit number next to the 'Your ID' section of the box.

There's no need to supply the password as our technician will not be required it.

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