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4.5. Forwarding messages to another email address

To forward messages to another email address you will need to setup a filter. This can be done from the Kerio Connect Webmail Site. 

(1) Login into your Webmail service. If you're unsure what this is then either contact support or try http://mymail.centralit-hosting.co.uk.

(2) Once you're logged in, go to the upper right corner of the Kerio Connect window and click on the menu with your name. Then click on settings.

(3) Click on filters from the menu on the left hand side and then select New Filter.

(4) On the new entry line, look for a small button with three dots.

The button will look like this (above).

(5) In the first box, enter a description. The drop tab should remain on 'Any'.

(6) To forward ALL messages then select 'All messages' from the second drop down menu.

(7) Under the 'Perform the following actions' header, select 'Forward to' and then type in the email address which your emails will be forwarded to in the field on the right.

(8) This is important: If you want to retain a copy of each message then click on the '+' button on the right to add a second action. Then select 'Keep in INBOX'.

If you don't do this, then your messages will be delivered to the forwarding address and you will not retain a copy.

Here is an example of forwarding all messages to another address and retaining a copy within your own inbox.

For further information on how to use filters please contact Central IT.




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