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6.6. Requesting help from our installed support software

With our hosted remote support software, you can benefit by retaining a permanent connection to our support team. Our software runs in the background and is on standby in case you require assistance quickly.

Once you have alerted our help desk team and we're aware of your issue, a remote connection can be established within seconds. No further software to download and run. No fuss.

Additionally, we've introduced a new feature within our support software which will allow you to request support right from your desktop! Here's how it works:

On a Mac look up towards the top of your screen near your clock. You'll see an icon which looks like this:

On a PC, it'll be down in your system tray on the bottom right of your screen near your clock.

Click on the icon and select 'Show status dialog'

A window will now appear and on the left hand side you'll see a 'Help Me' button.

Just fill out your name and type your query. Our service technicians will be notified and will respond when available.

Please note that this service should only be used for non emergency enquires. We aim to respond within one working day. if your query is urgent either email our help desk team or call 01530 272727.

To download the software, please click here. When installing the software please use the password 'Rosetta10'. For security, we will change your password once we become aware of the installation.

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