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4.1. TFTP Recovery Procedure

With a successful firmware upgrade you should be able to regain access to the unit.

First of all, could you please check to see if the router will go into TFTP mode?

If the router successfully enters TFTP mode then this would indicate that the issue is probably just a firmware corruption that would be resolved by a successful firmware upgrade. After a successful upgrade the router should return to normal operation.

To check the router, please turn it on while also holding the Factory Reset button down. If the router has correctly entered TFTP mode the first three lights start flashing simultaneously. Let go of the Factory Reset button once it is in that state and the router will remain in TFTP mode for 90 seconds.

While the router is in TFTP mode it will accept the firmware via the firmware upgrade utility. The firmware upgrade utility will be able to send the firmware to if the PC is on a 192.168.1.X IP address range. Sometimes it is easier to fix the PCs IP to and it is recommended to turn off anti-virus / software firewall application because they can interfere with the process.

In the firmware upgrade utility manually enter the router IP Address as instead of using the search function.

The firmware can be downloaded from:

The utility from:

There are two firmware files. One ending in .rst and one ending in .all. Try the .all one first, but if that doesn't work then use the .rst firmware to upgrade the firmware and clear the router settings at the same time.

Further details on how to successfully restore the router's firmware are on http://www.draytek.co.uk/support/guides/kb-firmwarerecovery

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