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1. Microsoft Office 365

1.1. Setting up exchange email: for iPhone

This article and the instructions below explain how to set up your Office 365 email account in the mail app that came on your iPhone or iPad.

  1. Tap Settings.
  2. Tap Mail, Contacts, Calendars.
  3. Tap Add Account.
  4. Tap Exchange.
  5. Enter your Email address, Password, and a short Description (e.g. your company's name) for your email.
  6. Tap Next.
  7. Autodiscover will try to find the settings you need to configure for your account. If autodiscover cannot find your settings, enter the following information:
 What to enter
Server              outlook.office365.com
Domain Leave this field blank
Username Enter your full email address (for example, holly@coolexample.com)
  1. Tap Next.
  2. Tap Save.

Return to your home screen and open the Mail app — you should see some email messages, in your new inbox!

To make sure you can send messages, compose an email and send it to yourself.

1.2. Setting up exchange email: for Apple Mail

Here's how to set up your email using the Apple Mail app, on your Mac desktop.

  1. Open Apple Mail.
  2. Your next step depends on if you have already set up an email account, or not.
    1. If you have already set up an email account, click the Mail menu, and select Add Account....
      Click Mail, select Add Account
    2. If you haven't set up an account, contact us for further information.
  3. Select Exchange.
    Select Exchange
  4. Click Continue
  5. Complete the following details:
    FieldWhat to do...
    Name Enter your name.
    Email address      Enter your full Office 365 email address.
    Password Enter the password you set for that email address.
    Enter email account details
  6. Click Sign In.
  7. If you receive the warning "Internet Accounts couldn't log in to the Exchange server...", enter the following extra details:
    FieldWhat to do...
    Description          Enter a description for the account.
    User Name Enter your full Office 365 email address.
    Password Enter the password you set for your account.
    Server Address Type outlook.office365.com
  8. Click Continue.
  9. Select the applications you want to sync with your Office 365 email address.
    Select apps to sync
  10. Click Done.

2. Managed Antivirus (BitDefender)

2.1. How to uninstall the software (Mac)

Under normal operation, we can remotely remove the endpoint agent from the management console. This is a remote operation and doesn't require any manual intervention.

In some circumstances, the agent software may not uninstall correctly and will need to be manually removed. The following instructions must be performed locally using Terminal.

In order to remove the product from the machine you can either use these commands:

  • sudo /Library/Application\ Support/Antivirus\ for\ Mac/Tools/uninstaller.py 
  • /Library/Bitdefender/AVP/Uninstaller/BitdefenderforMacUninstaller.app/Contents/Resources/preinstall.py

Please follow this guide to completely remove the software:


Finally,if the situation is not resolved, please do provide us with a Bdprofiller from the affected machine so that we could investigate further.