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1. Managed Antivirus (BitDefender)

1.1. How to uninstall the software (Mac)

Under normal operation, we can remotely remove the endpoint agent from the management console. This is a remote operation and doesn't require any manual intervention.

In some circumstances, the agent software may not uninstall correctly and will need to be manually removed. The following instructions must be performed locally using Terminal.

In order to remove the product from the machine you can either use these commands:

  • sudo /Library/Application\ Support/Antivirus\ for\ Mac/Tools/uninstaller.py¬†
  • /Library/Bitdefender/AVP/Uninstaller/BitdefenderforMacUninstaller.app/Contents/Resources/preinstall.py

Please follow this guide to completely remove the software:


Finally,if the situation is not resolved, please do provide us with a Bdprofiller from the affected machine so that we could investigate further.


2. Patch Management

3. NomaDesk

3.1. Removing a user / license

go to Manage

Billing -> License Overview -> select the user that you want to remove and click Manage next to that user

 click Remove User

  • you will see several options:

-Delete vaults from server all users sharing this vault will loose access.

This will only remove any possible Vaults that the user that you want to remove has created, this will NOT remove the Vault that the user is a guest on.

-Transfer files and content to this user.

If the user that you want to remove created its own Vault, you can transfer the Vault to another person or yourself via this option.

-Remove guest access for this account.

This option will also delete the local copies of the Vaults from any PC the user is logged in at.

-Stop auto renew on this license.

This will remove the license on the next billing date. If you don't select the option, the license will go to your unassigned licenses and will be automatically renewed on the next billing date.

Do keep in mind that you are also charged for unassigned licenses. So if you want to remove the user and the license, be sure to check this option.

3.2. Assigning an unassigned license

  • login at myNomadesk.com with the group manager account.
  • go to manage

go to billing -> license overview -> click on manage next to an unassigned license

fill out the email address of the user that you want to assign the license to and click save

An email will be sent to the new user. If they have never worked with NomaDesk before, they will be required to enter their name and a new password.

Don't forget that the new user will need to be assigned access to your company vault before they can access it!

To do this click on files at the top right of the window, and users and permissions from the left menu. Click on invite guest and enter the same email address as the newly licensed user. They will receive a notification that you have added them to the vault.